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Giada I35V: making the second personal computer in your home

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Have you noticed desktop computers all have big mainframe and complex wiring? Personally, I dislike desktop computer, cause there is no enough room to put its mainframe. Since Giada I35V was launched on the market, we’re no longer troubled by the heavy and large mainframe. Where there is LCD display, there is a computer if adopting the super mini mainframe.
Giada I35V
Based on small size and high performance, the mini mainframe now has entered more and more families. With 150mm in length, 25.5mm in width and 190mm in height, Giada I35V can be put on any place you like. Besides, the mainframe adopts piano bakes lacquer case, which is pretty delicate and stylish wherever it stands. Considering its relatively high CG, the mainframe is endowed with extreme-precise system, which can survive from many crashes.
Giada I35V
The perfect combination of CPU and GPU makes a powerful inner core which provides you with 1080p visual effect. Let alone, the 32G solid system disk adopted by Giada I35V is possesses faster driving speed compared to traditional mechanical disk. What’s more, the mini mainframe supports many interface settings, perfectly realizing switches between computer and television. That is, A television could work as a computer if equipped with a mini mainframe.
Giada I35VFurthermore, there is inbuilt WIFI mode in Giada I35V, so you can easily get access to wireless network. No matter in your study, living room or bedroom, an easy-taken mainframe can respectively serves any monitors in different place. In addition, the mini frame supports ultra-long standby time, which saves lots of electricity cost.
Giada I35VYou are allowed to take Giada I35V to any place where there is a LCD monitor for sake of its mini size. Now, you not only own the second personal computer, also you could make your third and even fourth personal computer. If you think the traditional desktop computer is too obtrusive, why not replace the heavy and stupid mainframe with the mini mainframe.

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