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GK61 Review: Keyboard of the Year

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The HK Gaming GK61 is a fan most loved with regards to suggesting a decent financial plan mechanical console. Yet, remember that this particular console has optical switches.

We should dive into what makes this console an extraordinary choice for your arrangement in case you’re hoping to locate a smaller console with quick performing switches.

hk gaming gk61

Build Quality

The GK61 is made out of a thick plastic case and an aluminum plate. Physically endeavoring to flex the board sits idle. This board is very durable and can withstand a fall, in the event that it actually ends up like that.

It additionally has a spotless looking case that underpins the plate and PCB well. On the back, there are four elastic feet to keep the console from sliding around.

Sadly, there are no kickstands to change the point that you use it at, however, the case itself is somewhat disposed for improved solace.

Optical consoles will in general sound very empty, yet the GK61 sounds very full. Adding some froth inside the case would help lessen this empty sound significantly further.

The aluminum top plate, where the switches are mounted, is white and can be scratched effectively when supplanting your switches. Be that as it may, the RGB reflects off of it and looks pleasant in faint lighting.

The USB-C port is situated on the upper left of the console in a somewhat recessed territory. This port will work with most custom USB-C links. In any case, it isn’t flush to the situation, which can add some trouble to working with specific links.

The Keycaps

The keycaps on the GK61 are made out of ABS plastic with doubleshot infusion shaping.

This implies the legends of the board won’t actually blur since they’re an alternate layer of plastic. Be that as it may, the sub-legends will wear over the long haul since they’re laser-scratched.

The keycaps are OEM-profile, which is ordinarily observed in most stock mechanical consoles. OEM profile is a uniform profile that attempts to diminish the distance between each line.

Since this is normal, it’s likely what you’re as of now used to composing on.

The legends (the images and letters on each keycap) are stenographic, implying that shut letters and images are isolated. This is found in letters, for example, O, P, B, and D.

Luckily, the HK Gaming GK61 has a standard 60% format with a typical base column, which makes it incredibly simple to supplant the keycaps to a more pleasant PBT-plastic set that is more oil-safe and has more expert legends.

At the cost, these keycaps are not awful. Be that as it may, after some time, they will display sparkle and feel more smooth to type on.

One thing that is cool is that the highest points of each keycap are finished, and the side dividers are shiny.

Close by this, the keycaps sit inside the case dividers and are not coasting style. The switches are not noticeable, and the general plan is truly smooth.

The Switches

The switches accessible in the GK61 are Gateron Optical switches. They offer a wide assortment of choices:



Earthy colored




It’s uncommon to see a bigger number of choices than simply the standard three (blue, earthy colored, red). This gives you more assortment to pick from, regarding spring loads and perfection.

hk gaming gk61

In our test form, the Gateron Optical Reds are very smooth to the touch and are very light also. Contrasted with mechanical Gateron Reds, the stem is a somewhat more obscure shade (so you can differentiate between optical and mechanical).

Extra Features

You may be reasoning, however, I’m not prepared to forfeit the bolt keys. Try not to fear, since this console makes it simple for you to get to them, even on another layer.

The FN key is right in the extreme right with the bolt keys directly close to it. This makes it conceivable to utilize the bolts with only one hand, by holding the FN key with your pinky finger and controlling those different keys around it to explore.

Close by this, the RGB impacts can be gotten to during that time layer as well. You can change through the different impacts utilizing FN and delete. Another choice is to download their product and alter the lighting that way.

The console has 3 diverse editable layers that you can program macros and key remappings on. This is truly advantageous on the off chance that you do a ton of profitability deal with your console.

In case you’re utilizing it only for gaming, there’s a Windows lock accessible also to keep you from leaving your gaming screen during that vital catch squashing minutes.

hk gaming gk61


Generally, this console is an incredible alternative for your first mechanical console OR in case you’re keen on evaluating an optical switch unexpectedly.

Optical switches are quicker with regards to reaction time and make gaming, particularly in games where response speed matters, a more pleasurable encounter for you.

There are certainly a few disadvantages to this board, for example, having ABS keycaps, no customizable kickstand, and the muddled production line stabilizer lube.

Be that as it may, in light of the fact that it’s hot-swappable, it permits you to do alterations, for example, lubing or supplanting the switches, re-lubing the stabilizers, perhaps in any event, changing the case, or simply adding froth inside the case.

You can discover the console on Banggood with the entirety of its switch choices at a reasonable cost.

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