GooDee Projector Compressive Review

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Home projector systems were one of those must-have technologies, but started to decline in popularity.  But nowadays, with technology getting cheaper, projectors are making a comeback. GooDee projectors are known to be good and durable. Let us discuss this in-depth below.

GooDee Projector

Design & Controls

The good projector is a mid-sized unit that is fit for home and official use as it is easy to carry around especially during field day. The case is built from a satin black plastic, which is both easy to clean and maintain. The top of the unit is smooth and rounded, with a grey GooDee logo towards the back. At the front left of the projector, you’ll find the control panel, as well as the source adjustment dials for the lens. The control panel has a power button, a rewind button, a select sources button, and a menu button. There’s no remote, so you’ll want to acquaint yourself with the control panel as soon as you can. On the back of the projector, from left to right, there’s a VGA input and a pair of HDMI inputs. There’s a pair of USB ports, an AV port, a headphone jack, and even an SD card slot. Underneath, you’ll find the GooDee projector power input, as well as an on/off switch.

GooDee Projector

Video Quality

As with all projectors, the image size from the GooDee Projector depends on the distance between the projectors to the screen. The GooDee Company recommends a distance of 10 feet to get optimal focus. The further you are in any direction, the unclear the picture will be. For sound, GooDee projectors have a pair of built-in 3-watt speakers. The quality is relatively good, with plenty of response range. In case this is not enough, use a larger set of external speakers.

GooDee Projector


There are two different ways to watch movies or videos on the GooDee projector. The most basic one is simply to use a video output (HDMI). You can also use a streaming stick Keep in mind that regardless of your source, you need 1080p or lower resolution. If your source is feeding you 4K video, it’s not going to Synchronize properly.


Of course, a lot of projectors are equally good. When you are shopping for one, there are a lot of features you need to look out for, like display, resolution, also bear in mind brightness and contrast ratio. Mounting of the projectors advised.


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