GULEEK i8 Mini Box

GULEEK i8 Mini Box Review

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GULEEK i8 mini box is one of the best sellers on the fiercely competitive market, and it is ultra-slim, so that I get one for my sweet home. I like it very much as it takes up little space, and brings me great fun of home entertainment.

  GULEEK i8 Mini Box  

This mini box comes with HDMI cable and power adapter, permitting me to use it as soon as I receive it. I am satisfied with it as it is really really well-equipped.


This i8 has a metal frame and an ultra-compact design. It is only 151mm in length, 82mm in width and 11mm in height, making it easy to carry. This mini box has gorgeous appearance and high configuration, including Intel 4 core BAY TRAIL Z3735 low-power-consumption CPU, 1.8GHz, assuring the speed of the mini box without overheating. I am deeply impressed and attracted by it.

GULEEK i8 Mini

This mini box has various ports, such as one HDMI output 1.4, two USB 2.0, one TF card slot, one micro USB, one 3.5mm audio jack and so on. It supports various video, audio and picture formats, perfect for home entertainment. Home entertainment center allows me to have fun of watching TV and movies, as well as playing games at home.

GULEEK i8 box

Besides, the mini box runs a Windows 8.1 system. The new multi-function meeting media center makes business conferences quick and simple. The idea of a paper-free meeting is finally coming true.

To sum up, this GULEEK i8 mini box is really an excellent and great equipment, no matter it is for home entertainment or work. I am glad that I have owned it. If you need a mini box, this one is highly recommended to you.

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