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Why You Should Use H96 Max Plus Android Box

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This is an android box that is used to stream digital contents from the internet. With it, you can watch Television shows, series and movies. You can also use it to download a range of applications from the internet. Besides, it allows you to watch live sports and even download music from the internet. In this review, we will look at its features, advantages and benefits of using this android box.

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Features of H96 Max Plus Android Box

This android box has an operating system of 8.1. It also has a RAM of 4GB DDR3. Besides, it provides Ethernet support of 100 LAN. Nevertheless, it has a ROM of 32GB and can support 4k YouTube and HD Netflix.H96 Max Plus also has a CPU capacity of 64bit which is quad-core. In addition, this android box has 2.4GB WIFI support. It also has a video decoding capacity of H.265 and measures 100 by 100 by 18 mm. Also, this android box can support Mouse and Keyboard through USB.

android box

Advantages of H96 Max Plus android box

Its 4GB RAM allows you to watch video games as well as music with little interruption. This memory capacity brings a faster speed as compared to other normal android devices. Its high ROM of 32GB facilitates faster installation of applications giving you the best feeling ever. Also, Its 4k resolution allows you to enjoy the best 3D streaming you can ever have. Moreover, this android box has a strong WIFI support which facilitates faster downloads, streaming and ensures faster penetration of internet. In addition, its 64bit CPU facilitates gives the best operation you can ever desire, for instance, you can stream without any interference. Besides, this device support wireless networks such as USB thus allowing you to transfer any media you need both into and out of the box.H96 Max Plus is also compatible with all televisions, both old and new hence you don’t have to spend money purchasing a new television. Also, this android box can transmit more than 720p network video through a broadband without any interruptions.

Benefits of H96 Max Plus android boxandroid box

H96 Max Plus is beneficial to large families that enjoy using the internet because it has a strong WIFI support that is strong all the time. It is also beneficial to people who enjoy streaming videos online because it has the best resolution effect. It is also good for people who don’t have enough money to purchase a new television because it is compatible with old televisions. H96 Max Plus is also fit for people who have limited knowledge on how to operate android boxes because it is easy to operate.


As you have seen, H96 Max Plus android box comes with the best features. For instance, it can support WIFI, has the best resolution effect, wonderful operating system, Ethernet support, mouse and keyboard support and a high decoding capacity which gives you the best streaming experience.

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