Heatsink Cooler CPU Cooling Fan

Heatsink Cooler CPU Cooling Fan For PC Computer

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When wandering on the market, I find an extremely useful and practical equipment for PC computer, that is heatsink cooler CPU cooling fan. This cooling fan is said to be great and perfect for PC computer cooling, hot sold on the fiercely competitive market. If you are curious about this cooling fan, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce it to you in details.

Heatsink Cooler CPU Cooling Fan

Dimension: 40x40X11mm
Cable length: 15 cm
Connector: 2pin(2.0)
Voltage: DC12V
Rated current: 0.1A

Heatsink Cooler CPU Cooling Fan-1

Air flow: 4.2CFM
Bearing: sleeve bearing
Fan speed: 5000RPM±10%
Noise level: <16dBA±10%
Fixed hole distance: 32mm

Heatsink Cooler CPU Cooling Fan-2

CPU heat sink cooler, 2 pins
Unique fan design for easy thermal heat dissipation, low noise
Improving air flow, cooling your CPU when used, making your PC more durable
Power saving, low power consumption, easy to use
Simply plugging it to your PC host to enjoy your free time

After knowing the above information, you can see what this heatsink cooler CPU cooling fan is really like and what it is capable of clearly. For PC computer cooling, this cooling fan is definitely the best for your to have.

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