HiFi Wired Gaming Headphone, EINSKEY E-H035

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Well… nowadays, there are various headphones available on the market. However, it would never be not an easy task to choose a proper headphone for gaming as we need to consider in every regard before buying it.


As you can see, a lot of online games now require voice, communication between teammates is very important, For example, when playing the popular LOL, WOW, CF, etc., players need to communicate between teammates, of course, ultimately a powerful gaming headset. A quality gaming headphone will isolate players from their surroundings and make them feel like part of the game. Thus, the design of the headsets is as important as anything; they must be comfortable enough to let gamers play for long sessions without feeling any weight or pressure on their ears.


EINSKEY E-H035 seems to be an excellent option for gaming online. Powered by a standard 40mm Hi-Fi driver which enables it to produce immersive sound, this HiFi wired gaming headphone can meet all the requirements (mentioned above) for a quality gaming experience.


Apart from being perfect for gaming purpose, it is extremely useful for listening music and video calls as well as. With a very reasonable price tag and such alluring features, EINSKEY E-H035 is sold at $17.99 at banggood.



Frequency: 20-20000Hz

Sensitivity: 105dB

Impedance: 32ohm

Cord Length: 1.2M

Maximum Power Input: 80mW

Jack (mm): 3.5 stereo

Loudhailer: 40mm


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