External PCI-E Graphics Card

Highly Compatible External PCI-E Graphics Card Review

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To be compatible with more high-accuracy software, computer or laptop must need a powerful graphics card like External PCI-E Graphics Card. The newly released graphics card has wined very high complement on account of its precise design as well as great compatibility. Especially for gaming enthusiasts or people engaged in high-tech fields, such a little graphics card can help you a lot.

First and foremost, the graphics card has dual TD switches mode, which effectively solves problem of hardware collision. And it supports the latest Intel 8 main system board, precisely, it can perfectly work with window 8 system. Adopting the most advanced electronic components, External PCI-E Graphics Card can decode a certain software in relatively faster speed. And it supports USB interface outer development, which is very convenient for users.

Typically, a graphics should work with a outer-connected display, the real features and functions will be presented via a certain display. Different from other graphics card, this one supports dual display at the same time. The inbuilt graphics card conducts the laptop’s display while the connected display is conducted by external graphics card. If for internal display use, the laptop requires to own a internal display support. Actually, more than half modes of laptop supports internal display.

External PCI-E Graphics Card
In addition, External PCI-E Graphics Card possesses three different interface, which almost cover all laptops on the market. Whatever interface is connected, the graphics card supports DMI 5 GT/s high speed. Adopting 8PIN or DC power interface, it supports 24w, 60w and even 120w power supply.
And there is no limitation of max power. In a word, the advanced technology and reliable material make a stable and high-efficiency working system.

External PCI-E Graphics Card
Last but not least, when External PCI-E Graphics Card is applied to high-accuracy GPU speed faster or engineering algorithmic, a large amount of costing and energy can be saved. Of course, most people fond of external graphics must be gaming enthusiasts. Anyway, the external graphics card can dramatically enhance the capability of laptops.

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