Epson xp202 Ink Cartridges

Highly Stable Epson xp202 Ink Cartridges

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As for separated ink cartridges, the most important factor probably is the stability of the ink. And the precondition of the high stability ink requires very outstanding ink material and precise manufacturing, which ensures there is no metamorphism, precipitation or discoloration within the warranty period. Like Epson xp202 Ink Cartridges, they are the representative works among Epson series due to its stability. Maybe “stability” is too abstract to be understood when it comes to ink cartridges. However, I bet you hardly think about why your nozzle often gets clogged. Yes, it was the ink that gave rise to all of these problems.

If a kind of ink is easily to precipitate or deteriorate, then the diameter of flowed ink droplet would be larger, meanwhile, the deteriorated ink would have toxic chemical elements which not only do harms to human body but also could corrode the nozzle even the printer. Epson xp202 Ink Cartridges is adopted FORMULABS original ink which is of great chemical stability. Besides, ink had been purified for several times, and each solid ink particle will be controlled under 0.1micron diameter nearly equal to zero. Besides, each procedure of producing is carries on the standard purification Epson xp202 Ink Cartridgesroom ensuring there is no dust mixed into the ink. Therefore, the ink is of higher purification and smaller diameter compared to other ink. As we know, the nozzle mouth is about ten to thirty micron. In another word, the small the ink droplet is, the more fluent the printing would be.

Now let’s come to the cartridges itself, the cartridges box of Epson xp202 Ink Cartridges is made of PP or HIPS plastic material, which is of great durability that makes it uneasy to be corroded by other refilling ink. Moreover, the box is adopted ultrasonic welding equipment, making sure the cartridges completely sealed. And there is no ink leakage or color mixed while printing. Comprehensively, the durability of the box and tiny diameter of the ink match perfectly to serve the printer.

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