Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC

How Is Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC

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Recently, another new mini PC of Tronsmart is released on the market, called Tronsmart Pavo M9 mini PC. After the famous and popular Tronsmart BJ19 mini PC, this Pavo M9 is also an excellent and great one for everyone to purchase.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC

To know how this mini PC actually is, you can read the following.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-1

This mini PC is a deserved HDMI-IN recorder. It can offer you the best recording solution and support PVR pre-recording function by HD, VGA, FHD modes up to 1080p resolution. Price orienting to the average level of TV box market but with HDMI recording function, Pavo M9 is really worthwhile.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-2

Greatest CPU makes Pavo M9 different. This M9 bases on A9 MSTAR MSO9180D1R up to 1.5GHz with unbelievable speed and amazing decoding ability. It supports video play back with H.265@4K*2K, bitrates more than 100Mbps and 3D blue ray.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-3

This Tronsmart Pavo M9 mini PC also features 1GB DDR3 RAM, and 8GB EMMC flash. The utilization of EMMC memory offers an array of benefits in terms of performance security and reliability, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-4

This mini PC also has Realtek 8188, built-in 150M WLAN card, 802.11b/g/n.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-5

This mini PC features customized UI power by Android. Based on Android system, you can deeply adjust Pavo M9 UI for easier management.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-6

Moreover, this Tronsmart offers OTA service for the Pavo M9. You can always keep your Pavo M9 updated.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-7

This mini PC has parental control, and it supports setting password of any APP.

Tronsmart Pavo M9 Mini PC-8

This Tronsmart mini PC supports Android cellphone control. It is easy to control M9 only to scan the QR-Code on TV screen. Touch control and simple game control are available directly on your Android phone.

It is easy to see from the above that this Tronsmart Pavo M9 mini PC is super advanced and practical. It is undoubtedly worthwhile and beneficial for you to purchase.

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