How to Build Your Own Mechanical Keyboard

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Constructing a custom mechanical keyboard is a BIG move into the mechanical keyboard world. To make the process as flawless and simple as possible, we set up this thorough, bit by bit guide on building a custom mechanical console.


Choosing the Right Size Keyboard

The lovely thing about custom mechanical keyboards is that there are a huge load of various keyboard sizes you can make.

This likewise makes it extraordinarily hard to pick the right size as you need to comprehend what all various sizes entail and if you find them convenient or not.


Selecting the Features

It tends to be difficult to know precisely what features you need for your keyboard in case you’re still new to the hobby.

Here are some features individuals look for in a keyboard:

RGB Lighting: If you need a lightshow, RGB is the best option. There are various sorts of RGB lighting also, RGB side lighting, RGB on every key, and under glow. Everything relies upon how bright you need your setup to be.

QMK Firmware: If you want your keyboard to be programmable so you can tweak the keys, QMK firmware is an unquestionable requirement. Not every person needs QMK, but rather it’s always but a decent addition.

USB Port: Choosing the USB can be significant. We suggest USB-C since it’s reversible. No reason to stress over connecting the cable in upside-down. The area of the port on the keyboard matters too relying upon your inclinations.

There are some principle parts needed to build a console. Choosing the right parts is really significant and you need to ensure they are compatible with one another.


Here are the component that you’ll require:

PCB (printed circuit board): The PCB is backbone of your keyboard. It’s the central unit and the brain. The PCB you pick decides the features, size, and layout of your keyboard.

Case: The case is the thing that keeps everything together and shields it from the elements. You can pick distinctive case materials relying upon how strong, aesthetic, or transparent you need your console to be.

Plate: The plate is an optional segment, yet it keeps the switches in place and incorporates rigidity to the general build. There are various colors and materials choices.

Stabilizers: The stabilizers decide how the larger keys will sound and feel when utilizing the keyboard. Try not to disregard this component, they are extraordinarily significant.

Switches: The switches are essential for tweaking the sound and feel of your keyboard. There are a wide range of switch types out there yet they are most times separated into three unique categories: clicky, linear, and tactile.

Keycaps: This part truly sets the aesthetic for your board. When you want to type, you’ll interact with the keycaps more often. The profile, durability, and design of the keycaps is truly significant.


It might appear a bit difficult to fabricate your first mechanical keyboard, so ideally this guide would have provided you enough information to kick you off on your first custom! Also, you could generally begin basic by buying a pre-built mechanical keyboard and gradually swap out parts. Beginning with the keycaps is an incredible method to start the customization process. I will recommend you get the GK61X Kit as this will make the whole process easier. Purchase your components or a pre-built mechanical keyboard at the ongoing Banggood summer prime sale that will end July 10th. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

How to Build Your Own Mechanical Keyboard?
Article Name
How to Build Your Own Mechanical Keyboard?
Mechanical keyboards have been around for a while now and its gradually taking center stage especially among PC gamers. In this article, we will be walking you through how you can build your own mechanical keyboard.

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