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How to choose an affordable but suitable home projector?

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Over the last few years, projectors have become popular due to mass production. Nowadays, these gadgets are more affordable and easier to operate than the traditional models. Unlike old models, today’s projectors don’t over-heat and they consume less power. A projector’s display screen can stretch up to 300 inches in length which is larger than a massive 80 inches TV screen. An LED projector is the latest model in the market. LED projectors use LED technology for illumination. This technology enables it to consume less power and produce high-quality images.


A TV screen reflects light from the environment causing glare that irritates the eyes of the viewers after some time. However, and led projector doesn’t have a distracting glare and it emits just enough light for displaying images. These two factors allow people with mini home projectors to watch movies for a long period of time without having problems with your eyes. In this review, you will have a deep insight into the features of a good projector.

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Features of a good home projectors

Light sources

There are various models of projectors which use different light sources. The known light sources include LED, lasers and a standard lamp. Those using a standard lamp are common since this technology has been around for a while. However, a standard lamp usually dims after some time and these models have a lifespan of between 3,000 and 5,000 hours. Laser projectors are good but most of them are more expensive.


You should select an LED projector for your home since it is quieter, energy-efficient, and has a better color and a longer lifespan which is about 20,000 hours. Furthermore, an LED projector is lightweight and takes less time to start. An example of an LED projector is the 3D-1080P LCD-LED Mini Projector 600-Lumens-480*320 USB.

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Throw ratio

Throw ratio is how far you should place your projector from the wall so that it can display high-quality images. You should put the size of your room in mind before purchasing a projector. Select a projector with low throw ratio so that it can sit closer to the wall. There are many Ultra-short throw projectors which you can consider. An example of Ultra-short throw projectors is the Gigxon- G18 LED-1080P 50-Lumens 320×180 Home-Theater Mini-Portable.

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Consider the “gain” of a projector before purchasing it. The ones with a higher gain will pop off more colors and images on the screen. You can go for a projector that can display images on a white wall since it is inexpensive. But if you have a home theater, you can purchase the one which allows you to fix the screen on the wall. However, if you need high-quality output, you can go for the ones with pull-down or motorized screens. Examples of motorized screen projectors include 100-Inch Projector-Screen 16:9 221cm*125cm Projector and YG-300 LCD-LED Projector.

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People that watch movies using an LED projector usually get a more satisfying experience than those with a TV that has a bigger screen. Having a projector at home is advantageous since this gadget doesn’t create glare which is a common problem on TVs. However, selecting the right LED projector is usually a difficult task since you have to consider many design features. The features above can help you to make a well-informed decision when purchasing an LED projector.

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