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How to Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard

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Top-quality mechanical keyboards can last for several years, and the Royal Kludge RK61 mechanical Keyboard is no exception. The catch: dust and dirt cling to the keyboard long before the switches or electronics fail. Cleaning, the most important task of keyboard maintenance, keeps contamination under control. Here’s a proper way to ensure your mechanical keyboard is clean.

Mechanical keyboard

How To Lightly Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

You should clean the keyboard regularly to prevent dust, dirt, pet hair, and food debris from accumulating on the keyboard deck between and under the keys, as well as on the palm rest and around the keys. It’s a good idea to do this weekly or whenever debris builds up.

The easiest and fastest way to keep your keyboard fairly clean is with a small handheld vacuum. Ideally, the vacuum cleaner has an antistatic connection, like a narrow nozzle, which makes it easier for you to switch between buttons.

Mechancal keyboard

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use a brush instead. You can find a variety of Banggood keyboard cleaning brushes. The best options allow you to move between keys and have feathers long enough to reach the keyboard.

In addition to vacuuming or brushing, utilize a microfiber cloth to wipe the entire keyboard, including the deck and armrests.

Here’s How To Thoroughly Clean A Mechanical Keyboard

You’ll need to carry out a more thorough cleaning some times in a year to get the keyboard back to its new condition by cleaning under the keys and around the switches. To do this, you’ll need a pull-out lid to release the keys from the keyboard. You’ll have to get yourself a puller tool with your mechanical keyboard, but if you lose it, you can get a new one using a very cheap computer tool or individually for just a few dollars.

Mechanical keyboard

1. Before you begin, take a picture of your keyboard so you can’t doubt where exactly each key is when it’s time to change it.

2. Use the cap pulling tool to remove each key. Place them in a large bowl and fill it with warm soapy water. Allow the keys to soak for a few hours.

3. When the keys are soaking, utilize a vacuum cleaner and a wet microfiber cloth to completely expel dirt from the deck of the keyboard. You can also make use of a cotton swab to remove dirt from around the switches.

4. Dry The keyboard With A Fresh Dry Cloth

5. After soaking them for at least three to four hours, rinse and dry each key, then attach it back to the keyboard by pressing the switch until it clicks into place.

Some types of locks have a tendency to wear out – the keys become less “shinny” or the surface is completely wiped off. You can restore the keyboard by replacing the keys. Contact your keyboard manufacturer to replace the keycaps.


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How to Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard
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How to Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical keyboards are quite popular these days most especially among gamers. What I set to achieve in this article is to teach you ways you can clean a mechanical keyboard.

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