How to Connect Blitzwolf Projector to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Blitzwolf Projector to Wi-Fi

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A blitzwolf projector focuses more on satisfying your home theater, education or business requirements. The projector has excellent brightness and an ultra-high resolution, which makes it an amazing audio-visual device. It has an input port that makes it possible for it to connect with other electronic devices.

How to Connect Blitzwolf Projector to Wi-Fi

Blitzwolf BW-MP1 projector

This projector is pretty amazing and it provides exceptional big screen home entertainment. To get started with this projector, you need an MP1, your device and a surface to project into – this is mostly a white wall. Once you have these things, then you just need to connect your device to your projector, focusing on the cinema set-up you have assembled.

How to connect blitzwolf projector to Wi-Fi

The good thing about this projector is that it can be connected with Wi-Fi. As a matter of fact, for you to connect the projector, you will need Wi-Fi, which means that you will have to disconnect all the other networks you are using. That being said, follow the steps listed below and connect your projector to a wireless network near you.

Tap Wi-Fi on your device to open the Wi-Fi networks menu. Then on your projector, tap SSID in the list of Wi-Fi networks available. If you don’t know where the SSID on the projector is, then you, just go to the network section of the projector, or just press LAN button on the remote control of the projector.

You will find that the projector has quite a number of connections. So, whether you decide to use HDMI or just want to cat over Wi-Fi, you will be able to do both, and you will be able to get good picture.

Some wireless projectors doesn’t have any access to any outside power source. But projectors with batteries are pretty efficient, which is why you will need to have the right batteries. It is absolutely necessary.

Wired connections including LINE IN, optical, coaxial, and RCA IN allows the projector to connect with TV and DVD players. So, for an incredible home-theater experience, connect your projector with TV, PC, smartphone or even tablet via Bluetooth wirelessly.







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