How to Connect Zealot Headphone Bluetooth

How to Connect Zealot Headphone Bluetooth

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In the modern era, earphones and headphones have become crucial gadgets to everyone especially in the music industry. Their capability to bring entertainment to your ears without distracting other people or being distracted has earned them popularity.

What is Zealot Bluetooth Headphone?

Zealot Bluetooth headphones are wireless headset that are able to transmit audio content from your cellphone, music player, stereo or computer using radio waves rather than wires and cables. They come in different models with more fancy experience.

How to Connect Zealot Headphone Bluetooth

Advantages of zealot Bluetooth headphones

  • Hands-free use.
  • They are user friendly.
  • They have a wide range of Bluetooth headphone to choose from.
  • Some have exceptional features like in-built SD card for mp3 files and play memory.
  • They are adjustable to fit different sizes of heads.

How to connect Zealot Bluetooth headphone

Zealot Bluetooth headphones are 99% compatible with mobile phones in the current market so you don’t have to worry about compatibility with your phone. First ensure your headphones are completely charged and powered down. Long press the power button on the headphones until it is on or you see LED flashlights an indication that they are ready to pair.

On your android phone swipe down your screen and select the Bluetooth icon on the display or follow you normal operating instruction of turning on the Bluetooth that is, opening the setting menu and selecting Bluetooth.  Once the Bluetooth is on, put it in discoverable mode and scan for new devices.

Once your zealot headphone is discovered by your phone, select it and allow it to pair or confirm you want to pair.  Your phone will prompt or ask you to input a pin or a passkey which is often 0000 but if that doesn’t work, check the headset’s instruction.

Even when connecting to other devices that are Bluetooth enabled like your computer or iPhone, the process is the same. Once you are connected, all the audio forms from the connected device shall be received through the headphones including phone calls. For more instructions and clarifications about the  zealot headphones you have, you can always refer to the headphone’s manual. To disconnect your phone you just turn off the Bluetooth. Any other time you want to reconnect, turn on the Bluetooth and they will connect automatically.




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