How to disassemble an Xbox 360 controller

How to disassemble an Xbox 360 controller

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A lot of us are very big fans of gaming. In fact, almost every millennial has a game that he/she likes to play for fun. And given that gadgets that are being released these days are able to operate these games. Now, today I am going to look at one device that most gamers need to play a game of a screen or a laptop, the Xbox controller. When you buy a controller, you may want to understand exactly how it works, right? And you and I both know that understand how the gamer works may involve opening it to see how it looks on the inside.

How to disassemble an Xbox 360 controller

Since I know you will get that point sooner or later, I have included a guide that would help you disassemble and reassemble an Xbox 360 wireless controller.

  • So, step one is always to ensure that all the required tools are ready. These tools includes; torx 2 screw driver, mini flat-head screwdriver, an x-acto knife and a static discharge area.
  • Step two is to remove the battery case.
  • Step three is to remove the serial number – this is the point which you will need to use the knife to carefully remove top left corner of the serial number sticker.
  • Step four is to remove all the back screws. So, locate all the screws on the back of the controller. First, remove all the outer screws, and then remove the one below the serial sticker.
  • Once all the screws are out, then remove the back of the controller. While grasping the top and the bottom of the controller, gently remove the back of the controller by pulling up on the bottom area first, and then after that you can now remove the back past the trigger area.
  • Step six is to remove the bottom plate. Without completely removing the circuit board, remove the bottom plate. This plate is secured by five different spots – two on the left, two on the right and one in the middle.
  • Step seven is to remove the circuit board, which should be done very carefully
  • Step number eight is to remove the rubber pieces behind the buttons
  • Remove all the buttons. The B,Y,A,X,Select and dashboard buttons should drop easily.
  • Remove the d-pads screws.
  • Then release the notches in the d-pad.
  • Remove the top plate, LB/RB buttons, rumble packs and the trigger arms.

Be very careful or you risk damaging your pad.

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