How to Disassemble an Xbox One Controller

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An Xbox one controller – contrary to its predecessor, the original Xbox controller – is much more streamlined and more complex in terms of its components and assembly. There are top and bottom shells, and there is also an internal skeleton. When compared to the original, there are many more parts that makes up its mechanical assembly. In an attempt to make the controller sleeker, the screws were hidden well. And with the sleek design, comes the difficult task of trying to open it.

how to disassemble an xbox one controller

The thing is, trying to open an xbox one controller is quite tough but with article, it should be easier. I will include all the steps of opening the controller, and they are as follows;

  • Remove the first screw – the first step is to remove the battery pack so as to expose the T8 screw hidden under the warranty sticker in the battery compartment.
  • Remove the side panels – the second step is to remove the side panels, which will expose the second T8 screw. You can remove the screw using a spudger or even your nail.
  • Now, after you have exposed all the hidden screws, then embark on removing all of them. There is a total of 5 T8 screws that you have to remove.
  • There are three components in the controller, one is the faceplate, the battery compartment and the body. Once you have removed all the T8 screws, then remove the front face plate.
  • Remove T6 screws – now it’s time to remove all the secondary screws, known as T6 screws from the motherboard. Once you’ve done that, pull to separate the connectors. When doing this, ensure that you pay extra care to the wires. And remember, you can’t remove the circuit board fully without removing the wires, all which requires soldering.
  • The other step is to remove the top cover, by folding it over.
  • Then remove the circuit board. Under the rubber is where you will find the ABXY buttons. These are the buttons you use when playing.
  • The last step is to follow the instructions in reverse so as to put everything back together. Please remember that you should be super careful when opening and also when closing the controller. You may think that you are repairing it, only to find that you’ve damaged it even further. So ensure that all the components are properly put together and that everything is in its rightful place.

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