How to open an Xbox controller

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Owning an Xbox controller is one thing but knowing how to fix it in case it breaks is totally a whole new thing. Most people only knows how to use the gamer but when it breaks you find them totally unaware of what they should do. Am here to tell you that opening an Xbox controller is actually easier than you thought. Am going to guide you on how to disassemble it and then put it back together.

How to open an Xbox controller

  • So, before you even start to disassemble the damn thing, ensure that you a tray or something of that of sort to place your screws thus preventing them from rolling over.
  • After that, remove the battery compartment so that you can start taking the screws off.
  • Have a torx screw ready to remove all the five 10mm screws from the back of the controller. Note that whoever made the gamepad did a hell of a job in trying to hide the screws, as you will find a screw hidden under the warranty in the battery compartment.
  • Then remove both the back plate and the face plate, and you will be left with the motherboard.
  • And as there may be rumble hanging freely out of their sockets, you might want to remove them. So, while holding the red and black wires down to the top of the motherboard, de-solder the soldered joints. De-solder the black and gray wires attached to the top of the motherboard. Then remove the rumble motors.
  • Unscrew the T6 screws located near the rumble motor sockets
  • After that, gripping the sides of the motherboard firmly near the middle, lift upwards while wiggling the motherboard backward and forward slightly. You may require to use some force.
  • Under the motherboard, you will find some screws, which you will remove using torx screws.
  • Remove the bumpers by prying them off the pegs using a spudger. They are located on both sides of the controller. And to ensure that you don’t destroy the motherboard, use a standard nylon spudger.
  • Then lift the pieces around the home buttons off the pegs.

With that, you will have the entire controller in pieces. Now, when putting it back together, follow these guide backwards, and ensure that you put everything as it was initially. Be careful not to mess everything up when reassembling the controller. Now, as you can see, all you need is a torx screwdriver, and everything else will be much easier.

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