how to take apart xbox one controller

How to take apart Xbox one controller

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Ever wish you could jump into a video game and see what that world is like? Well, we’ll do something even better—we’ll get into a video game controller and see what’s inside. We’re taking apart the Xbox One controller.

how to take apart xbox one controller

Step 1: Move the faceplate
Turn around the Xbox One controller. Then, keep your finger in the gap and drag it forward. A decent bridge would be necessary.
Step 2: Evacuate the flame of a low flame
Xbox One Controller has six tabs. The tab has covered the cover behind the venting gap on the white side that catches this piece. Pop up each tab alternately, using your case opening equipment or a little screwdriver.
Then, gradually clear the lower frame broil. Start at the front end. The faceplate is located on the front end of the device.
Step 3: Expel the upper grill
In the first place, pull off the hard drive in the event that you haven’t as of now. You will see that the flame broil on this side isn’t level. You should pop the two tabs which situate along the edge first. At that point pop the two tabs which are obvious on the sides, much like the lower flame broil. One of the elastic feet covers up the last tab. This tab has a seal, which will demonstrate to Microsoft that you have broken your warranty. This will have a decent place to get a handle on the flame broil to lift it as you go.
Step 4: Open the two Gap tab areas
These two tabs with power plugs. They are most likely in the meantime. This is the point on which you will need to take advantage of the other small screwdriver. Open tab using both screwdrivers or case opening instrument. Finally, start opening the shell.
Step 5: Open the five gap tab segment
At the opposite end of that side, you will see five a greater amount of these tabs. Pop them each one in turn. Try to keep a steady weight when you’re opening the shell. Besides, you can utilize the case instrument to open them at the same time.
Step 6: Open the shell
to move a controller around the Xbox One to take a gander on the front end. Find the strut towards the near end of the DVD drive. You can open it with a decent arrangement of your nails and prying.
Also, you can open the shell using a flathead screwdriver. There should be four tabs on this side, which you can take alternately.
Step 7: Unscrew the inward packaging
With the shell evacuated, you ought to have the capacity to see the internal packaging now. Unscrew the cover board and open this. Then, turn the Xbox onto the other side and draw off the rest of the shell to uncover the inward segments.
Step 8: Gently remove DVD Drives
The links that are added to the DVD drive are extremely sensitive. So, first remove this segment with care. Then, just raise it sufficiently to bring it up to the link, and after that, tenderly exclude two.
You can flash the DVD drive through a complex modding process. Modifying is necessary if something breaks. If Microsoft detects such a modifying, then it will give your lifetime restrictions from Xbox Live.
Step 9: Fly out the fan
In the first place, lift the white area of plastic. The fan underneath can be flown out, yet there are additional links connected. So precisely expel those before hauling the fan out the greater part of the way.
Step 10: Empty the ring light
Ring control is easily available for modification or repair when the case is open in this way.
Step 11: Access the motherboard
The motherboard will likewise now be effortlessly obvious and open. You can deliberately pull it up by the silver box at the middle or fix it set up. Evacuating the motherboard can enable you to settle the heatsink by re-welding. It will likewise permit you access for programming or firmware mods. Simply recollect that these are exceptionally mind-blowing forms. Also, Evacuating the motherboard illegally can get you prohibited by Microsoft.
Step 12: Modulate the hard disk drive
Despite the fact that it is not located in the basic case, you can open the hard plate drive similarly. Present the drive with more storage rooms. Finally, complete the modifying by removing the majority of the pieces, and sliding it out of the sound. Now it is pressed with another hard drive because the links used are standard.
Xbox One controller is an excellent gaming device. Also, you can make it more excellent by yourself by adding by the magic of modding. Again, to paint it or clean it, you may need to take apart the part of this device. Here, I’ve discussed the steps on how to take apart an Xbox one controller. Read it thoroughly and you will be able to easily disassemble your Xbox one controller. Enjoy your game!

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