Water Brush Calligraphy Pen

How To Use Water Brush Calligraphy Pen

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Today, I’ d like to introduce you an extremely useful and practical pen for calligraphy, called water brush calligraphy pen. This pen is delicately designed, ideal and perfect for both new beginners and professional person. It is quite easy and simple to use, welcomed by many people. To know more about it, you can read the following.

Water Brush Calligraphy Pen

This pen is a portable compact fountain pen with soft brush. It is 12cm in total length with 1.7mm long hair and 6mm diameter. It is a good companion for calligraphy practice. Beginners and professional person can use it, and even children are able to use it for calligraphy. Besides, this pen can be used for painting, and many painting enthusiasts are fond of it. As a calligraphy pen and a painting pen, this one is a great choice for the young and the old, fresh and professional.

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This pen is easy to use. As for injection method, you can just unscrew the pen and put some water into the pen. As moisture tip adjustment, initially, when it is used, squeezing a pen nib will produce effluent. You can wipe with the paper to adjust the water. As for coloring, you can maintain adequate moisture pen directly stained with paint and begin painting. When you need to change color, you can wipe it with a paper towel to clean out the color. When not in use, you can wash it with clean water, and then dry it with paper and close the lid on it.

In a word, this water brush calligraphy pen is extremely practical and easy to use. No matter it is for calligraphy or printing, this pen is definitely the best choice for you to have.

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