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HP C5180 Ink: one-piece cartridge could be refilled

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I believe one-piece cartridge is a great progress based on separated cartridge in terms of printing preciseness. But for sake of printing cost, one-piece cartridge does not exist any advantage. To reduce the printing cost and enhance printing preciseness, there are some recyclable one-piece cartridges appearing in the market like HP C5180 Ink. First of all, you can see the outlook of cartridge changed a lot but it seems to be more accurate in its structure. Actually, the integrated structure of thermal foam cartridge provides higher quality printing compared with piezoelectric printing structure. Meanwhile, the printer would be less mechanical worn without step of installing cartridge onto the nozzle.
hp c5180 inkTo be honest, there are frequent times of nozzle got clogged foe separated cartridges in that users often forget to clean up the nozzle and concern it with very long service life. After a long time using, printing quality have to be decreased due to long time using of the nozzle which would be worn during the hundreds and thousands printing. However, what happen to HP C5180 Ink cartridge is totally different. Users have to change the nozzle once the ink is finished cause the ink cartridge is combined with the nozzle. Frequently changing nozzles not only ensures the printing quality, but also ensures the nozzle do less harm to a set of printing equipments and length the service life of the printer. Nevertheless, some people claim it is wasteful to use integrated cartridges.
hp c5180 inkFor sure, it is not the best choice to throw away the cartridge one the ink finished. No matter for the cartridge or the nozzle, they could be recycled if you make right operation. Take HP C5180 Ink for example, users can refill high quality compatible ink into the cartridge to reduce the printing cost. As long as you refill in the right way, it would do little harm to the nozzle. Not like original ink cartridges, lots of new lanched cartridges allow you to refill for three or four times. Just remember you have to change the ink cartridges if the printing quality has been distinctively reduced.

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