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Huion H420: A signature tablet compatible with a variety of software

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Are you fond of drawing? Do you often sign when working? As is known to all, paperless office  conception has been widely promoted with the rigid development of electronic products. Actually, paperless office can be easily realized with a signature tablet like Huion H420. The tablet is very popular with a mass of enthusiasts in that it not only allows singing also ensures drawing. Thus, it can be applied to work and daily life as well.
Huion H420Adopting electromagnetic digitizer technology and 2048 levels pressure sensitivity, Huion H420 is featured by super anti-jamming ability, writing fluency, precise positioning as well as low power consumption. Moreover, the tablet is compatible with a variety of software such as Word, Excel, PS and so on. Of course, there is a electronic pen equipped with the tablet. When writhing on the tablet, you will feel you write on the real paper. According to different strength and contact area, the tablet can intelligently reflect it on certain software.
Huion H420I’m a paperless office promoter cause it really brings much convenience to office workers. In fact,  Huion H420 is specially made in line with needs of office workers. When there is a urgent file need your signature, you can quickly sign it and give order to carry on next step. If without the tablet, for instance, you are on a business trip but there is big project need your signature, obviously, the project have to carry out when you back to the office. See, how important role a signature tablet plays at work!

Huion H420What’s more, the paperless office aims at reducing paper costing. Have you ever count how much paper a company waste in a day? With a tablet like Huion H420, you really don’t have to waste time and money to print these files out if they aren’t final deal. It is widely recognized that time is money in the fast pace 21th century. In addition, less paper means we’re closer to environmental friendly office. You’re saving nature resource,and you’re saving lives of a large amount of trees. The most important thing is, we can take more fresh breath.
Huion H420

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