Huion h610 makes the drawing simple, easy and efficient

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For designers, cartoonists, and other people who need to draw a lot, drawing on the paper can be a torture. You have to buy lots of papers, pens, pencils, erasers, and other relative tools, which can cost you a big amount of money and is not environment-friendly. But, my experience tells me, the most terrible thing is that if you almost finish a work, and then you are so careless or unlucky that you draw a wrong line, use the wrong color or even knock over your cup with coffee or water, then it is greatly possible you ruin your work. If you don’t want this to happen, i think huion h610 is a must item for you.

One of the Huion’s best selling products huion h610 with a large active area of 10″x 6.25″, you can develop your creativity without any restriction. With 4000LPI, 220RPS, 2048 levels smart sensitivity, it makes you control line thickness, transparency, and color more responsively and naturally, and helps you accomplish the most sophisticated computer-aided designing, drawing, writing tasks. This drawing tablet is compatible with all major graphics application including Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Comic Studio, SAI, Infinite Stratos, 3D MAX, Autodesk MAYA, Pixologic ZBrush and so on. The 8 physical express-keys on the left and 16 hot cells on the top of the tablet are all customized, which provides you a plethora of ways to tailor your software experience and raise your work efficiency.
HUION H610With the Huion digital pen, you can customize for both hands. The pen can replace the mouse which brings you much convenience. You can move the cursor to any location on the screen by hovering the digital pen tip over the tablet surface. If you are prefer handwriting to inputting with keyboard, huion h610 is suitable for you. You can write your own annotation on Microsoft word, documents, which allows you to practice your handwriting and enjoy the peace brought by writing. What’s more, you can catch up the pictures on the screen, and put the annotations or insert the texts and pictures when doing the presentation, totally let us get rid of the cons of the mouse or laser pens.
HUION H610But for me, the most interesting thing is that huion h610 allows yo to write down the command symbols directly on the tablet to manipulate the computer to execute commands. I think, oh my god, the computer can read what i write, its miraculous! And You can scroll documents and Web pages by pressing the middle button of the digital pen over the tablet’s working area. Imagine with surfaces with lots of scrolls, i think, it must be very cool. For the most important part-painting, this pen allows you to emulate various brushes and pencils, plus you can press down the pen tip harder, lighter, stronger, or thicker to get the ideal likes you want without using any pen, pencil, brush, eraser. huion h610 has made the drawing simple, easy and efficient.

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