IKBC KBC F-104 PBT Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Although you can operate on a standard computer keyboard reasonably well for gaming. But I think you need to have the mechanical gaming keyboard. Such as IKBC KBC F-104 Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard.

PC Fans World-KBC F-104 Cherry MX Blue ReviewThis mechanical gaming keyboard is specified designed for those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for use. There is no doubt that this KBC F-104 is a great keyboard for gaming and typing. This tenkeyless size mechanical keyboard will up your game and reduce the finger strain caused by rubber keyboards, because it is equipped with Cherry MX Blue Switches. Cherry MX Blue switches are the best cherry switch for typing. The tactile bump can easily be felt,and the resistance is similar to your average keyboard.This switch actually has a peak force of 60g,it is 50g at the point of actuation.

One of the most attractive features of IKBC KBC F-104 mechanical gaming keyboard is there incredibly high report rates, where it boats a speed of 1 millisecond response time, executing actions and commands pretty much immediately. They also can assure you with the confidence that multiple complex key cornbinations will actually work and won’t be interrupted and ignored. This allows you to gain those vital few milliseconds “ in game” that could literally mean the difference between life and death.

On the other hand, it can offers a high tech ergonomic option for those who view comfort and control as a high priority. As well as the more modern range, of the one handed gaming keypad such as the Razer Nostromo. There are a whole range of features that come with specific keyboards, so if you are thinking of buying one be sure to conduct a fair amount of research to something that you think can satisfy your needs. If you want to have an excellent gaming experience, I think the  IKBC KBC F-104 mechanical gaming keyboard is a good choice for you.


  1. I have sent the keyboard to my boy to practice typing. His speed of typing has been improved. It is really a good keyboard.

  2. You can not imagine how wonderful and pleasant the keyboard is if you do not use it. I feel comfortable to type with this keyboard. I am glad that I have owned it.

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