Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth Speaker

Innovative High Quality Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth Speaker For You

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Today, I am going to introduce you an innovative Bluetooth speaker, called Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth speaker. This speaker has applied many advanced and practical technologies to ensure excellent performance, and it has already gained great attention.

Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth Speaker

To know how this speaker actually is, you can read the following.

Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth Speaker-1

According to its specification, it is quite clear that this speaker has a suitable size and various color options. There are four colors for selection, that is black, white, gold and silver. You can choose the one you prefer while purchasing.

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This Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth speaker has high configuration. With innovative 3-magnet drivers, this speaker breaks traditional single-magnet construction, and two more secondary magnets are added to each driver, greatly improving sensitivity and fidelity. The exclusive technology combines with dual radiators to deliver full-range sound.

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To clearly reproduce details, the DSP processor decodes signals at high speed, up to 24bit@48KHz, enabling you to hear new details even in your most-played favorites.

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This speaker is well known for its 3D surround effect. Simply turn on the 3D surround effect, and you can experience something new. The sound is reproduced exactly as recorded.

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Moreover, this speaker has exquisite package. User manual, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable are included, allowing you to make full use of this speaker easily and conveniently.

By now, you can have a general knowledge of this Bluedio BS3 Bluetooth speaker from the above. It is quite clear that this speaker is innovative, advanced and practical for use. Getting this speaker for yourself, you can enjoy wonderful and amazing sound effect.

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