KBC Poker 2 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviews

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Imagine you’ve paid a hundred dollars for a KBC Poker 2 Mini Mechanical gaming keyboard, with all the extras you need to make your gaming sessions better but soon you find out it’s hard to type on, it makes a lot of noise, buttons don’t press well and your hands are tired. Now you understand what frustration means and feel like throwing the keyboard out the window. So, have a suitable gaming keyboard is very necessary.

KBC Poker 2

We all know to look for in a keyboard for games when it comes to special functions for games: macro keys, options for customisability, backlight, wrist pad, multimedia keys and a good price, but not all of us need all that. For those who need to use the keyboard all the time it’s important for other factors to be considered when choosing a gaming keyboard and those are such as how fast can I type on it, how hard do I have to hit the keys to register a press, how high is the keyboard: a low profile can help with your hand to rest better during prolonged use sessions and so on. I think the KBC Poker 2 Mini Mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards you should have.

As the time went by, gaming has become a staple in leisure activities for many people. One of the most popular forms is playing games on a PC. So, a KBC Poker 2 Mini Mechanical gaming keyboard is very important for you. This keyboard is one that might have less features than Logitechh, but it has some distinct features that make it worthwhile. A Microsoft keyboard has a completely detachable number pad which allows for easier access to your mouse. The keys of a Microsoft keyboard are large so they also limit your typing mistakes. A Microsoft keyboard also provides programming of up to 90 macros so you will have a considerable advantage when playing on a PC.



  1. I am totally surpriced by the shape of this board, super tiny but feels great! I got one month ago as my Christmas gift and really love it.
    thick PBT caps much better than my old ABS keycool, even better than my friend’s PBT. Moving from red this time I got a blue one, that’s maybe the biggest different for me, blues are great for typing and very different from the silient red, love the sounds also.
    People may consider the size, this super tiny board do not have arrow keys but the FN layer on the WASD buttons is good enough. After I got it for a week I found I totally fit it and even faster than my full size.
    AAAAA for the poker 2 nice one!

  2. Nice review and good write up!!!

    I also have a poker 2, actually it’s not my favorate. I owned a Cherry full size board and working with it 3 years, found its great! Which made me decide to get a poker 2 is that the mini size of this board, 60% size make me have more rooms for my mouse hand during the gaming time. And to be frank, the poker 2’s thick pbt caps really the best I’ve ever seen, very comfortable for touch, even much better than the Cherry.
    Not the favorate but still love it….

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