Kcx-017 LCD USB Voltage Current Detector Power Tester

Kcx-017 LCD USB Voltage Current Detector Power Tester

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LCD USB voltage current tester is a useful and helpful equipment, able to do you great favor. With this tester, you can finish a lot of things. To know what you can do with this tester, you can read the following for detailed information.

This tester can be a USB charging current, voltage, discharge capacity, intelligent device. It can be very easy to find digital device charging problem. The only button on the tester is used to view and test data switch, and the tester can store 10 groups of test data. You can also clean the data, through pushing the button until the parameters changed to next sets of parameters, and then releasing the button. The next sets of parameters will be started and they will start from zero.
Kcx-017 LCD USB Voltage Current Detector Power Tester 02
This LCD USB voltage current tester has parameters adjusting function, one electronic load, one constant current source. Voltage of constant current source should be set to 8.5V. There are 3A, 2A, 1A and 0.3A models for current adjusting. Here is a example for 3A. When you set electronic load at 3A model, the current will be adjusted step by step. It will cost you about 10 seconds and you can see the result changing procedure in the LCD screen. When you see the 3A result shown in LCD screen, the adjustment process is finished. You can shut off the electronic load and the parameters will be saved automatically.Kcx-017 LCD USB Voltage Current Detector Power Tester 04

If you quick beat the button double times within 0.5s, it is checking model. The LED background will be flash. Then, you can see the next set of parameters in LCD screen. Quick beating the button double times again, you can release the parameters checking model. LED background be be light with flash.

It is quite clear from the above that this LCD USB voltage current tester is extremely useful and helpful. You can do a lot with the assistance of this tester. It is no doubt that this tester is a good equipment for you to have.

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