KEYCOOL 104 Keys K-9 Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Mechanical keyboards are pretty special and come packed with extra or premium features which set them apart from their standard brethren. Today we will talk about some of the parts of the KEYCOOL 104 Keys K-9 mechanical keyboard that make them different from their normal counterparts.

PC Fans World-KEYCOOL 104 Keys K-9 ReviewThese keyboards are built with durable materials which make them to be robust. A robust keyboard will easily handle intense hammering. Mechanical keyboards do also have programmable keys. Keyboards with programmable keys can comfortably be used for playing different games. In such keyboards, the keys can be programmed to be suitable for a particular game and when the game is over the keys can be returned back to the QWERTY format.

Because games are normally played in dark environments, the gaming input devices usually have built-in LED lights. Gamers will enjoy playing games using keyboards designed for games as these keyboards usually have ergonomic designs that facilitate top comfort during the gaming process. So, the KEYCOOL  K-9 mechanical keyboard is an excellent keyboard that you could consider.

Besides, this keyboard is specified designed for those who like the feel, and those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for use. The switch of KEYCOOL K-9 mechanical keyboard is manufacturedby Cherry MX Blue Switch, which is not just a switch, it is the heart of what make the mechanical keyboard have its feel. Generally, mechanical keyboard is different from the rubber domes because of the less actuation force, and shorter key travel distance, you don’t need to bottom out the key and it will force CPU to register the keystroke.

Of course, different people have different options concerning the best gaming keyboard. But in my opinion, the KEYCOOL 104 Keys K-9 mechanical keyboard can be programmed from an LCD display located at the top most part of the keyboard


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