Keycool 108 II Cherry MX Brown Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review

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No doubt that one could operate on a standard key-board fairly well regarding game playing. Nonetheless, if you were to ask can the Keycool 108 II cherry mx brown mechanical keyboard enhance our overall precessing game playing knowledge? Then we will talk something about it.

PC Fans World-Keycool 108 II Cherry MX Brown ReviewThis particular physical computer keyboard will be specified created for those whose personalized tastes can create a mechanised keyboard for usage. It’s a fantastic key pad regarding gaming along with keying. This particular full size hardware keyboard set will certainly up your game reducing your little finger pressure due to rubberized dome keyboards, since it is equipped with darkish MX changes.

The particular popular features of your Keycool 108 II mx brown switch mechanical keyboard is that the cherry MX darkish buttons are viewed a midsection terrain involving keying along with ‘ gaming’ switches. They have a gentle, tactile feel half way with the key push that allows you to know the switch features activated. Thus giving an sign of what you are able to relieve the swap. This specific swap is regarded as any center floor for the reason that reset level along with actuation position are usually close enough collectively as compared to you are able to ‘float’ when this occurs, helping you to twice touch faster.

On the other hand, this Keycool 108 II cherry mx mechanical keyboard can be a entire n-key carry over while in PS/2, that’s anti-ghosting, implies you are able to push numerous secrets as possible also all the secrets, and they will not need secrets block. As well as 21 secrets flip in Universal series bus point out. Excellent trapezoidal format helps it be comfortable to work with. In short, the particular Keycool 108 II gaming key pad will make you to possess a comfy gaming knowledge if you play the online games, you must never miss the idea.


  1. My brother can not type fast. I am going to send him this keyboard to practice typing. I believe that the keyboard is good as many colleagues have recommended it to me.

  2. I have used the keycool keyboard for a period of time. It works well for me. It is one of the worthwhile item I have bought online.

  3. keycool always has wonderful keyboard! I love the backlit, for the board, not as heavy as DUCKY good for use. The full size great for office use, typing fast!

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