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It is difficult to decide which is the best gaming keyboard as keyboards vary in appearance, features and price. Every gaming keyboard review will rank the products differently, according to how much priority they give to different features. I think the Ducky DK2108s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a good choice.

If you don’t know how to choose a good gaming keyboard, now we will talk something about it. At first, the point of buying a gaming keyboard is the extra features it provides, adding to the ease and enjoyment of gaming. These include programmable keys or buttons, a gaming mode, that locks out the windows key so you don’t keep accidentally switching back to your desktop, backlighting, which is a cosmetic feature but very useful in making the keys more visible, and an LCD screen displaying.

The Ducky DK2108s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has six programmable keys (called G keys), but in addition it has buttons to toggle across three different key maps, allowing 18 possible macros. It has orange backlighting behind all keys. However, the outstanding feature is the built-in LCD display in the top, which can be programmed to show all the information you need.

Ducky DK2108s

What’s more, This Ducky 2108s Blue Switch Orange LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is specified designed for those who like the feel, and those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for use.The switch of Ducky 2108s Blue Switch Orange LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is manufactured by Cherry MX Switch,which is not just a switch,it is the heart of what make the mechanical keyboard have its feel.Generally, mechanical keyboard is different from the rubber domes because of the less actuation force,and shorter key travel distance,you don’ t need to bottom out the key and it will force CPU to register the Keystroke. More worth to say is that this Ducky 2108s Blue Switch Orange LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a full n-key rollver keyboard, that is to say,you can press as many as you can as you want at the same time and they will all go through,you will not experience blocking any more.




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  1. Well done! love it for sure. The yellow backlit looks extrmely hot for me, board built really solid and cherry blue yes I love the switch. This is my first time to use a cherry switch one, and blue switch fit my fingers great, “click, click, click…”

    HOT BACKLIT SOLID BOARD and great typing feel of CHERRY MX BLUE, that all I feel about this DUCKY 2108S!!!

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