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Jumper EZbook i7

The slick Jumper Ezbook i7 laptop you will love

  Every businessman requires a laptop. It makes life easier when carrying out businesses and also doing other important things like saving data. When it comes down to it, choosing […]


Cube Thinker Notebook-the combination of beauty and quality

Be assimilate into the aesthetic inspiration, the Cube Thinker series notebook was created with 180-degree rotating ultra-thin body, fashion style and temperament appearance. The 3K touch screen can bring a […]


USB Type-C Converter Banggood Sale

It rarely happens that one extra letter in the name of the standard threatens to revolutionize the world of data interfaces and gadgets, but the emergence of the latest varieties […]


BlitzWolf BW-H1 USB 3.0 Computer Hub

USB technology is now the primary means to connect many gadgets. And more telecommunication devices use the USB technology to connect to computer or laptops. Their number is surprising, a […]


Jumper EZbook Air Review

At the moment, the thin-and-light notebook can be said to be more and more popular. Recently, a fresh model with a thickness of only 10.8mm appears in the market, claiming […]


Xiaomi XiaoFang Review

Have you ever heard of the fresh product, Xiaomi XiaoFang? This is a smart WiFi IP camera, which mainly features 1080P Full HD video, enhanced 9m night vision, and mobile […]


YEPO 737S, a Laptop, a Netbook, or an Ultrabook?

The mobile computer YEPO 737S has been called differently. Someone says that it’s a laptop, someone calls it a netbook, but the manufacturer says that it’s an ultrabook. Have you heard […]


VR Headsets for PC, Review of the Up-to-Date models

Every year, VR is becoming more and more popular subject. But until recently, we were not familiar with the actual instances, widely publicized VR-devices. Today, I’d like to show you […]


Banggood 10-Year Anniversary 48-Hour Crazy Sale, $500 OFF Coupon Is Waiting for You

In celebration of its 10-Year Anniversary this year, Banggood has been offering thousands of Lightning Deals to customers from around the world by running the large-scale promotion during the past […]

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Disassembling Experience

I believe that many people would have heard of the product before Mi Notebook Air being released. Put aside the product itself, we saw once again the Xiaomi Company setting […]