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GPD XD Plus is the latest upgraded Android Gamepad

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages, especially young people who spend hours playing games. It is a good source of entertainment and can […]

Xiaomi Gaming Laptop

Take your gaming to the next level with the new gaming laptop

Being one of the most reputable companies in China, Xiaomi has now gone beyond its boundaries and now ventures into the PC manufacturer. This is one of the greatest moves […]

laptop repair parts

The best high-quality cheap laptops and cheap laptop parts – part 2

  CHUWI Going for only about $290, we have the new CHUWI 12.3 Inch Laptop that will give you a good experience. It is equipped with a retina display that […]

cheap netbooks

The best high-quality cheap laptops and cheap laptop parts – part 1

  Have you ever sacrificed a lot of your money to buy an expensive laptop only to realize later that it is not worth it? This is the worst feeling […]


The Hottest Laptop Brand in 2017

  2017 is the year coming with a variety of wonderful electronic products. For example, Apple company launched its flagship iPhone for its 10th anniversary. Similarly, Xiaomi, one of the […]

xiaomi mipad 2

2017-2018 NBA Christmas Season Battle Schedule Hotspot

NBA 2017-2018 season regular has been opened, on October 17 United States local time. The starting date of this season is earlier than usual in nearly 10 days, which means […]


Joining the Banggood Brand Day With CHUWI

During the year, many stores hold special and seasonal sales, in which customers can get the most bang for their buck. Then there are sales such as Black Friday and […]


CHUWI Hi9: Your Best Bet

Ever since Intel considered it best to take low power CPUs seriously, a number of laptops and window tablets have been delivered by CHUWI. CHUWI company was founded in 2004 […]

chuwi hi9

CHUWI Hi9 Leads to the New era of Laptops

CHUWI is a Chinese digital device manufacturing company that has been on the market for close to two decades now. In 2010, the company decided to partner with MediaTek, a […]

xiaomi mi book air

Buying a Laptop? Why not get yourself the new Xiaomi Air 12 (PART 2)

  We’ve already known that this xiaomi laptop can be said as a great ‘DUPE’ for the Apple MacBook since MacBook has the powerful performance, fluent operation experience and stylish look […]