Colorful LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet: A Best Gift for Your Lovely Child

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International Children’s Day is coming. Have you ever thought about what kind of present that you need to give to your lovely child?

As we all know, little child is easy to be affected. Therefore, when they are still little child, we would be inspired with interesting toys. In order to attract child’s attention, many toys have been designed with bright color, fantastic structure and sweet sound. Actually, it turns out that toys can arouse child’s enthusiasm, enhance their understanding, inspire their imagine activities and cultivate their sense of collectivity and cooperation. So it is a good way for you to present your lovely child with useful and inspiring gifts to show how much you love them.
Colorful LCD Writing Tablet
Still confused about various of child’s gift? Still trapped in the choice entanglement? How about giving your child a colorful LCD writing tablet as the best gift?

I know when we were still a child, our teachers would ask us a question” What is your dream?” Many of my peers gave their answer with one voice”Scientist, Doctor, Spaceman,Teacher…” At that time, I had made up my mind to be a painter. We paint to express what we thought in our deep heart. It is a pen and a drawing board that can describe how we look at this world. Sometimes, we are so naughty to draw some doodles at the wall of our home, which definitely made my mom angry. So now when I have my own baby, I know it is so important to give our child a place to let them express themselves. A digital drawing tablet maybe is a solid pick.

Digital Drawing Tablet

When he saw the digital drawing tablet for the first time, he loved it so much that he could hardly tear himself away from it. It is designed in a big 9.7 inch with colorful box. But it is so thin that it is easy to be carried. And in this size, child are able to create a complete picture without the space worries.

Colorful LCD Writing Tablet

The tablet is made of unique flexible LCD technology with ABS frame. In fact , it can take up any hard material writing. When you draw wrongly, there is a button at the top of the tablet to help you erase your image easily. Instead of paper writing, this kind of electronic paper can be more environment friendly to some extent.
Colorful LCD Writing Tablet

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