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Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

Discover the Keyboard of the Future Right Here!

To produce excellent content for your studies, business or academics, it is important to have a good quality keyboard. Not only does it help to enter the correct values, a […]

Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

The New Extraordinaire Xiaomi Wired Keyboard

Have you ever been stressed so much by the model of your keyboard? The keyboard is so noisy and annoying. The keyboard does not have the grip or you type […]

xiaomi keyboard mechanical

Enhancing Effective Typing and Gaming with Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

A keyboard is a typewriter-style device that is of great importance in using a computer either for typing or for gaming. It uses a systematic arrangement of buttons known as […]

xiaomi wireless mouse

How Xiaomi Products Improve Your Efficiency and Make Your Life More Convenient.

  Xiaomi is a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer that offers great hardware deals and has included a number of sub-brands to assist in expanding its concept of a Mi ecosystem. […]

Keycool 104 Keycaps

Are keycaps necessary? Why we need Keycap replacements

  A keycap is a small cover made from plastic that is positioned on top of the key switch on a keyboard. Keycaps typically have inscriptions that denote the alphanumeric […]

V8 wireless mouse

Why we need a nice mouse? The V8 wireless mouse telling why

  A mouse is arguably the most used peripheral in most of our computers. You would, therefore, expect it to be of optimal performance, which actually depends on the product […]


Top 3 Cost-Effective Gaming Mice

Well… Any gamer knows that winning the game is practically impossible without a good mouse. A gaming mouse is the “winning weapon” for a player. Exactly, these mice are much […]


Ajazz AK60 Gaming Keyboard Review: With Eye-Friendly Side Carved Keycaps Design

Ajazz Company introduced a new mechanical keyboard, Ajazz AK60. As announced, the new mechanical model is designed for gamers. The Ajazz AK60 gaming keyboard is available with a stylish heavy-duty aluminum […]


Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse Review

The latest product coming from Xiaomi Company, the Mi portable mouse, is a wireless mouse which supports 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 two ways connections. That’s something that the Apple Magic […]


Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard Review

First of all, Yuemi Keyboard comes with the classic TTC red axis. Of course, compared with the Cherry axis, it gets some nuances, but of which the feeling is still […]