Meegopad T02 Mini PC

Meegopad T02 Mini PC: World’ s Smallest Mini PC

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Today, I’ d like to show you the world’ s smallest mini PC, called Meegopad T02 mini PC. Although it is super mini in size, this mini PC is still powerful and practical, able to connect TVs, monitors, projectors and transform them into your PC. To know what this powerful and practical mini PC is really like clearly, you can read the following.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC

This mini PC is ultra compact, and it is 110*43*9.9mm in dimension. It only weighs 48g. Its mini size and light weight make it extremely portable and easy to carry.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC-1

This mini PC has different ports for different uses, such as micro SD card port, standard USB ports, audio port, micro USB in 5V/2A, and so on.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC-2

This Meegopad T02 mini PC is cooled with professional grade heat dissipation paint, nano-ceramic paste, and graphite sheet, which can allow you to say goodbye to the problem of overheating and random reboots.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC-3

This world’ s smallest mini PC features 64 bit processor, 2GB RAM, WIFI and Bluetooth, 32GB eMMC storage, Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu, extremely outstanding and impressive.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC-4

If you get it for yourself, you can use your smart phone to control this mini PC, and you can also share documents, pictures and videos with it.

Meegopad T02 Mini PC-5

With this mini PC, you can also experience high quality music with the four-connected audio jack to connect to headphones, stereos and microphones.

By now, you can clearly see what this practical and powerful Meegopad T02 mini PC actually is from the above. It is no doubt that this world’ s smallest mini PC is an excellent and great item for you to have in daily life, no matter it is for work or entertainment.

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