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MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC Is Coming For You

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Here is a good news for every one. The world’ s first Intel Cherry Trail box, MeeGoPad T04 mini PC, is coming for you. This mini PC is extremely advanced, multifunctional and practical for use. Many customers all over the world are attracted by it. And now, let’ s talk about it together in the following in details.

What does it look like?

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC

This mini PC is special and unique in design. It looks like a disk. It has a touch key for power on or off.

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-1

Inside, this mini PC has earphone jack, HDMI OUT, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, RJ45, DC IN, Micro SD card slot for different uses.

What are the configurations?

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-2

According to the picture, it is obvious that this MeeGoPad T04 mini PC has high configurations, ensuring amazing and remarkable performance.

Can mobile control TV?

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-3

This mini PC can support mobile to control TV. Mobile screen can be used as keyboard and mouse. At the same time, it can not affect picking up phone. That’ s really impressive and remarkable.

What can it be used for?

MeeGoPad T04 Mini PC-4

With better cooling design, this mini PC has better working performance. It can be used for office, PS, game, film, music, and so on. It is all in one for both working and relaxing.

After discussion, it is easy to conclude that this MeeGoPad T04 mini PC is a super advanced high configuration product. In daily life, no matter it is for work or entertainment, this min PC is undoubtedly worth possessing.

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