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LED light speaker

Music Never Looked or Sounded So Good!

  Listening to music is constantly evolving and technology is making our enjoyment of music even more enhancing. We are now able to listen to our choice of music anywhere […]


HiFi Wired Gaming Headphone, EINSKEY E-H035

Well… nowadays, there are various headphones available on the market. However, it would never be not an easy task to choose a proper headphone for gaming as we need to […]

Eachine Bluetooth2.1 Speaker

Abundant Functions of the Eachine Bluetooth2.1 Speaker

Are you fond of listening to the music no matter what kind of style it is? How long and how often do you listen to the music? For my part, […]

BM700 Condenser Microphone

Why Is BM700 Condenser Microphone So Popular

According to statistics, it shows that BM700 condenser microphone is one of the best sellers on the fiercely competitive market, popularly welcomed by many customers all over the world. It […]

EACH G4000 stereo gaming headphone

EACH G4000 Stereo Gaming Headphone Review

Recently, a new high quality headphone, called EACH G4000 stereo gaming headphone, is released on the fiercely competitive market. This headphone gains orders as soon as it is launched. I […]

EACH G2000 gaming headphone

Best EACH G2000 Gaming Headphone For Game Player

You may be very exciting when playing games right now, but after playing for a long time, you are hurt by the headset. What about buying a comfortable one? Professional […]

Sades headphone

Sades Headphone: Representative Of High Quality Headphone

The topic today is about the representative of high quality headphone, that is Sades headphone. This Sades not only has the features the ordinary headphone possesses, but also obtains its […]

Sades SA-708

Ergonomic & High-Fidelity Faddish Sades Headphone Review

For people like music, movie or games, I’d like recommend Sades Headphone! A headphone actually is the most intimate friend accompanying us while walking, ridding, working and even sleeping. What […]


SADES SA901 Headset, Make Your Expertise Various

When you wan for top level WIFI wireless headset for game playing motives can be quite a concern. There are several items you should look into relating to prior to […]

Sades A70

Sades Headphone: the super powerful headphones born for games

With 7.1 sound channels to provide Hi-Fi sound, king cobra shell, red bloodthirsty light, sades headphone can instantly transform into a hunter in the dark. As a multimedia stereo headphone, […]