dual band Xiaomi router

Mini AC Intelligent WIFI Dual Band Xiaomi Router: Control Center Of Smart Home Furnishing

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Today, I’ d like to share the mini AC intelligent WIFI dual band Xiaomi router with you, which is the control center of smart home furnishing. This router is ideal and perfect for home use.
dual band Xiaomi router
To know how useful and practical this router actually is, you can read the following information.
dual band Xiaomi router
The home into the pocket is no longer a future technology. Mini AC intelligent WIFI dual band Xiaomi router has become the control center of smart home furnishing.
dual band Xiaomi routerdual band Xiaomi router
With the popularity of smart home devices, film technology products have gradually entered home furnishing life. Now through the mini router, you can let the air conditioning, home television, and even lights intelligent, and customize intelligent scene according to the your living habits. Moreover, there are some smart home furnishing accessories, such as intelligent socket, camera, and intelligent lighting, depth ordering, the perfect adaptation of mini router, combined with Xiaomi router to from a perfect match.
dual band Xiaomi router

This router has double protection, more secure. It provides unfamiliar terminal connection warning function, a suspicious terminal connections, direct noticing to you. Once APP open, it takes seconds to play casual visitor. Cooperated with Tencent security center, this router updates daily black and white list. When you visit the suspected phishing sites, fraud website existence risk site, it will receive a reminder to guarantee the whole family of Internet security.
dual band Xiaomi router
Moreover, except for practical use, this router is also suitable for home decoration, as this router has fine and exquisite shape of “Magic Trackpad”, quite cool and fashionable.

In a word, no matter it is for practical use or home decoration, this mini AC intelligent WIFI dual band Xiaomi router is a good option for you to have.

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