EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive

Mini EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive For Android PC Tablet

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Today, I’ d like to introduce you another USB flash drive for Android PC tablet, called EAGET V8 USB flash drive. This flash drive is more dynamic and more classic for use. It is highly thought of by many customers all over the world.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive

And now, let’ s have a close look at this flash drive together in the following in details.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive-1

This flash drive is ultra mini in size. It is 25mm in length, 18mm in width and 6.8mm in height, only weighing 3g. Its mini size and light weight make it portable and easy to carry.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive-2

This EAGET V8 USB flash drive has exquisite appearance. Made of zinc alloy, it is durable and practical for long time use.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive-3

This flash drive obtains USB and micro USB for different uses, and it can be connected to Android PC tablet through the two USB.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive-4

Through micro USB, you can connect it to smart phone. Through USB, it can be connected to PC.

EAGET V8 USB Flash Drive-5

What’ s worth to say is that this flash drive has waterproof and shockproof design. It is antistatic, anti-magnetic, and heat resisting, extremely practical and functional for long time use.

In short, this EAGET V8 USB flash drive is a high quality high performance equipment. If you need a flash drive, this exquisite, waterproof and shockproof one is definitely a good option for you to have.

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