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Mini KBC Poker 2 Gaming keyboards Meet Different Groups of People

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Taking 60% place of the traditional keyboard, mini KBC Poker 2 is featured by its compact particles arrangement. As the words on the space bar “enjoy your feeling”, many gaming enthusiasts are quite fascinated with the mechanical keyboard. As we all know, mechanical keyboard offers different finger touching when divided into MX red, MX black, MX blue and MX brown switches.
KBC Poker 2The four different color switches keyboard officially have very its own features and promoters. For example, MX red switch keyboard is beloved by those office workers who want to experience comfortable and smooth tapping but not mean to disturb colleagues, lower tapping as well as no paragraph sense exclusively featuring MX red switch KBC Poker 2 keyboard. Even playing some games in the break won’t cause any noise while others sleeping.
KBC Poker 2As is know to all, MX black switch keyboard is characterized by its low taping, reactive force and no paragraph sense as well. Compared with MX red switch, MX black switch is more suitable for playing games. In fact, black switch design belongs to most mechanical gaming keyboards, perfectly being applied to KBC Poker 2 keyboard. Of course, tapping feeling is outstanding for sake of its strong reactive force, which is both suitable for office use or home tapping.
KBC Poker 2When tapping MX blue switch keyboard, you’ll feel very clear and melodious sound just singing in the spring morning. As a matter of fact, blue switch keyboard possesses the most outstanding mechanical feature among four common keyboards, which makes it favored by people who has no special gaming or tapping requirement. We can see that MX blue switch keyboard is often put into private place. Anyway, there are many people fond of its special tapping feeling.

KBC Poker 2
MX brown switch KBC Poker 2 keyboard is almost favored by different groups of people in that it has combine advantages of both black switch and blue switch keyboards. The reactive force makes the tapping and gaming faster while the tapping is very melodious but not disturbed. Overall, the four different switch keyboards possesses its special characters and advocates. You’d better choose a certain keyboard in line with individual need.

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