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smart game controller

Why need a Bluetooth Game Controller for your device?

The advancement in microchip technology has led to the manufacture of powerful computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices have a high computing capacity which enables them to run complex […]

ps3 controller

Here’s why the Bluetooth game controller is the ‘Real deal’

Believe it or not, game controllers make an enormous difference. While some people are stuck on denying the idea that game controllers actually make a difference, a rational person would […]

android box

Television box- a good value for your money

Are you looking forward to a good viewing experience? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. A TV box is essential to television viewing. It enables […]

xiaomi mi box 3s

Watch TV All You Want, It’s (Mostly) Free

If you love to binge watch the latest TV shows and feel tethered to your cable or satellite TV company, you have another option. There are devices that you can […]

ps3 controller

Ps3 Game Controller – Can’t Stop! Exciting Game Controller

Ps3 Game Controller has been seen as a great brand in the world for Video games. This is because the brand comes with unique and sophisticated features which have great […]

dual os mini pc

TV Box is not the Past, but the Present & the Future

Many people think, that TV box is in the past. They ask: “In the era of the high-speed Internet, modern smart phones & other devices, why do we need a […]


GPD XD Plus is the latest upgraded Android Gamepad

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages, especially young people who spend hours playing games. It is a good source of entertainment and can […]

dual os mini pc

Cenovo Mini Pc – something you can’t miss

Cenovo Mini Pc – something you can’t miss Ever imagined the reality of having with you a portable multitasking device? Worry no more, We found a device for you. Be […]

xiaomi mi box 3s

Comparison Between 3 Top TV Boxes

  Those days are gone when people would watch wired cable on their television provided by a vendor. Nowadays TV boxes provide better video and sound quality as well as […]

xiaomi mi pad 2

Powerful Android Tablet ONLY FOR YOU

  These days, owning a tablet has become as necessary as having a smartphone as most people tend to deal with media and games of varying kinds and sometimes, the […]