150Mbps WiFi Nano Router

Mini & Portable 150Mbps WiFi Nano Router Review

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Electronics such as tablets, smart phones, hand-held game consoles is trashy without network supply. Whoever you’re or wherever you go, a mini router like 150Mbps WiFi Nano Router is quite needed, cause we have to transmit the wired network into wireless network. If I were you, I’ll choose the best as well as the fastest way. Hereinafter I’ll give a general review towards the mini router.
150Mbps WiFi Nano Router
Nowadays, our life is full of mobile phone, computer, tablet and other electronics. Wherever we go, we have to ensure all these things can get access to the network. 150Mbps WiFi Nano Router, the smallest wireless router for ensure is the best choice. A traveler need simply plug a hotel room’s WAN cable into the port provided and enter a default password to instantly create a wireless hot-spot in the room.
150Mbps WiFi Nano Router150Mbps WiFi Nano Router has a Micro USB port and can be powered by an external power adapter or via a USB connection to a computer. Additionally, it can conveniently connect to the internet and share the connection around an average sized room at 150Mbps. When traveling, users can plug the mini router into their computer’s USB port and share their WiFi for many electronic devices.
150Mbps WiFi Nano RouterIn addition, 150Mbps WiFi Nano Router supports AP, Router, Bridge, Client and Repeater modes to ensure various wireless applications to give users a more dynamic and comprehensive wireless networking experience.Besides, the mini router provides WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, which ensures safe wireless network. And pre-encryption function enable it to set the initial SSID and Password for users to protect their wireless security.
150Mbps WiFi Nano RouterLast but not least, 150Mbps WiFi Nano Router is designed for tablets, smart phones, hand-held game consoles and other portable electronic wireless devices. The tiny size makes it idealized for use on the road, and it’s powerful enough to satisfy almost any basic wireless application requirement. Measured 57mm in both length and width, 18mm in height, the router can be taken with you anywhere possibly.

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