MSI GL62M laptop: A Review shows why it attracts hardcore gamers

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In a world where competition among technological devices makes people confused as to what to truly choose, finding a gaming laptop may seem to be rather hard to do. However, as long as you would know what to look for and where to do so to find the most substantial prices, you would not be at a loss. After all, innovations continue to improve at an hourly rate, but searching blindly would be quite detrimental to the hunt.


However, the solution to all these problems comes in the form of the MSI GL62M 7RDX-1642CN, and it rests assured that among all the products available in the market, this one stands out among the rest.


Your display is clearer than ever  

Boasting of a full 15.6 inches of HD screen, the MSI GL62M’s LED-enabled backlight ensures that the images projected would be supported by the TrueColor and Vivid Color displays that enable the full functioning of such a gaming device. And even when viewed from the left or right angles, the 94% NTSC wide-view panel creates a steady image output which allows users to see the clearest of views at a range.


And faster than your imagination

This outstanding laptop features the latest Intel Core i7 processor, and added with the support of an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, the 2GB of graphics adapter and 16GB of memory (DDR4-2400) would surely hit the mark of any enthusiast. An excellent array of display and performance coupled with a powerful 6-cell lithium ion battery that would last up to 4 hours would truly not disappoint.


Even lighter

Sleek on the screen but rather bulky on the body, the MSI GL62M notebook is a sure hit among entry-level gamers. However, it does not have an optical drive. But the lack of a CD-ROM support is conveniently overpowered by other external connectivity ports. This laptop is impressive with 2 Type-A/ USB 3.0 ports and 1 2.0 USB port, joined by a Kensington lock, a Gigabit-ethernet slot, and HDMI and a memory card reader niche.


Basically, this product is one of the best that there are out there. It even has a nifty feature which allows the user to easily switch the device to a power-saving mode. Just by pressing FN + F7, a longer battery life would be made possible. The MSI GL62M gaming laptop might be in the pricier range, but it makes up for all the steady features that do not fail even the most hardcore of gamers. Plus, what we think made the deal for this piece of technology is its cooler fans, which just takes hours upon hours of usage possible without the fear of it degrading at any given time. All in all, this MSI GL62M notebook is a good catch.


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