Mini 3G WIFI Router

Multi-Functional Mini 3G WIFI Router for Household Life, Business Trip and Vacation

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Characterized by its light weight and portability, white and blue matched simple fashion as well as comfort grip, Mini 3G WIFI Router greatly eases our life all over sides. You can consider it a 3G router, power bank, WIFI transmitter, which enables you to get access to network at any place. With the mini router, you will live a cozy life when off from work, even business trip or vacation needs help from the router.
Mini 3G WIFI RouterLiving in fast-pace 21th century, we can’t not work, entertain, even study without computer, tablet, mobile phone or other electronics. And those electronics rely on network to make themselves better use. Thus, having access to network is the most vital thing for all of us. In household life, Mini 3G WIFI Router can automatically obtain IP, so users can freely plug and play. It supports static IP and PPPOE dialing mode, there is no need to set in the hotel when going business trip.
Mini 3G WIFI RouterEspecially for people living in a big family, Mini 3G WIFI Router can simultaneously transmit and WIFI signal, increasing the range of wireless coverage for more people to have access to wireless network. When working as 3G router, it provides users with pretty fast and stable network with A 3G card. Generally, it supports CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA three modes, covering all 3G cards on the market.
Mini 3G WIFI RouterWhen in the way for a business trip or a vacation, power-off of a mobile phone or tablet really annoys you. If without power supply, all of these electronics are useless. But you don’t have worry too much is taking such mini router with you, cause there is a 4400MA battery built in the Mini 3G WIFI Router. And the battery is protected by inner circuit protection board, so over charging or discharging never happens. Besides, it supports many electronics such as mobile phone, tablet, MP3/4, camera, DV and PSP.
Mini 3G WIFI RouterWhat’s more, Mini 3G WIFI Router can easily create your own personal cloud, you will no longer worry insufficient memory. Just plugging U disk, the router allows to read it in wireless way. Movies, data, pictures and other information are freely shared. What a multi-functional mini router it is!
Mini 3G WIFI Router

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