SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking

Multifunctional SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking

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Recently, I am attracted by a hard disk docking, called SATA IED HDD hard disk docking. This docking seems to be useful, practical and functional, popularly welcomed by many customers all over the world. If you are also curious about it, you can read the following for more detailed information.

SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking

This docking is a perfect 2.5”/ 3.5” IDE SATA hard disk docking. With built-in 2 port USB 2.0 hub and built-in multi-card reader for SD/ MS/ CF/ XD-memory, this docking is extremely useful and helpful for use. There is no need to screw and unscrew case, quite convenient and easy to use.

SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking-1

This SATA IED HDD hard disk docking has one button backup solution, and you can easily backup your computer files to external hard disk. HDD multifunction dock with the one button backup ensures high speed hard disk cloning.

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Just plug-and-play, this docking can be used easily and simply. It is hot-swappable, no need to reboot the computer. You can connect it to your computer using USB or eSATA. This docking supports E-SATA, USB1.1, USB2.0, SATA I and SATA II compatible USB 2.0 connection to computer for data transfer, and the data transfer rate is up to 480 Mbps.

It is no doubt from the above that this SATA IED HDD hard disk docking is a multifunctional and practical equipment. Getting one docking, you can apply it for different uses. To sum up, this docking is a worthwhile product for you to possess.

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