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Music Never Looked or Sounded So Good!

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Listening to music is constantly evolving and technology is making our enjoyment of music even more enhancing. We are now able to listen to our choice of music anywhere and everywhere, stream our favorite artists’ new hits instantly and explore a myriad of musical genres at the mere touch of a button. This stylish multifunctional LED Bluetooth speaker, which is also a colorful night lamp, alarm clock and hands-free speaker phone, will take your music pleasure to another level.


Beautiful melody

The Wireless Bluetooth speaker allows music fans to tune into their favorite sounds while creating a relaxing ambiance through the smart touch color-changing lamp. Offering up to 22 hours of music playing once the internal battery is charged and up to 8 hours of continuous light, this elegant LED light speaker can play your music through various channels. Whether you choose to use it as Bluetooth wireless music player connecting to any other Bluetooth device or prefer to plug in a USB or TF card is up to you.

LED light speaker


With a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters, the built-in hands-free speaker phone will halt the music if you have a call connected through your cell phone, allowing you to speak freely without scrambling around trying to locate your cell.


The built-in LED alarm clock wakes you with both music and light, and can be set to different sleep modes ranging from 10 to 120 minutes, where the lights and music will go off.


Fantastic atmosphere

The LED night lamp speaker automatically goes through a spectrum of colors and can be dimmed to create a soothing and relaxing ambiance in the room. A simple touch to the lamp can change the color and control the four different intensities of light from dim to high light, acting as both a table lamp and a night light depending on your mood. The lamp is bright enough to read by or can be dimmed if you just want to watch TV in bed and chill out or gently drift off to sleep.

LED light speaker

User-friendly design

The easy-to-use controls for playing music and setting the clock and alarm can be found at the base of the lamp speaker, and the ports for USB and TF card can be found at the back.


This ingenious LED light speaker can be used for bedrooms and living rooms, for people of all ages. Young children will benefit from the hypnotic effect of the color changing night lamp and soft lullaby music can be played to help soothe them to sleep. Older children and adults will enjoy the chance to be woken by their own music and start their day off on a positive note.













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