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xiaomi wireless router

Browse 3 Times Faster with the Intelligent Xiaomi Mini Router(part 2)

  The xiaomi mini router not only has simple gorgeous look, user-friendly operation and powerful performance. Here are more intelligent features you will want to explore with me. Increased coverage […]

xiaomi wireless router

Browse 3 Times Faster with the Intelligent Xiaomi Mini Router(part 1)

  1167Mbps is the internet speed you stand to enjoy from today henceforth. Let’s face it! Finding a router that gives you exceptional performance is quite an uphill challenge nowadays. […]

xiaomi mi 3 router

Xiaomi mi wifi router 3 Review: It does offer tremendous value for money

  In 2016, there were at least 3.26 billion internet users in the world. Then in March 2017, that figure rose to 3.74 billion. A Gartner report even claims that […]

xiaomi router pro

Stable and Fast WiFi Internet with Xiaomi Router HD

  The internet has drastically changed the very world we live in and every business organization and individual are widely dependent on this mind-blowing technology. So we have reached a […]

Colorful LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet: A Best Gift for Your Lovely Child

International Children’s Day is coming. Have you ever thought about what kind of present that you need to give to your lovely child? As we all know, little child is […]


VOYO Q101: Start Your New Tablet PC Era

As the increasing population of electronic products, people tend to be addicted to the joy of technology. Mobile phone, computer, smartwatch, intelligent robot and etc., are everywhere. I must say […]

Wireless Wifi Repeater

Wireless Wifi Repeater: Keep in Touch with the World

Nowadays, people become more and more dependent on the Internet. When we follow Google to our destination, when we chat with our friends in messenge or Facebook, when we want […]


Xiaomi Wireless Repeater 2 Review

Xiaomi wireless repeater 2, another WiFi device recently announced by the popular manufacturer from China, Xiaomi Company, is designed to improve the quality of the wireless internet in our house. Anticipating many questions […]


Weatherproof Wavlink Wireless WIFI Router for Outdoor Use

When the room is full of diverse electronics, among which there are smart phones, “smart” TVs and other mobile devices to infiltrate the daily life of every human being, it […]


Overview of the Mini PC, Hystou FMP03

Most people enjoy using the home computer to search on the Internet, listen to music and watch videos, which do not require high-power systems. Fortunately, the mini PCs are developed by […]