New Arrival! MantisTek MK1, Wireless HTPC Keyboard Presold with Heavy Discount

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Are you suffering from the harsh reality that you have no remote control when you want to turn your HTPC to another channel but refuse to get up from the soft couch for rewarding yourself after the tiring work whole day? Well… I think most people have experienced. Fortunately, there is a good option to help you solve this nightmare. Yeah, this is MantisTek MK1, an 83 keys 2.4GHz wireless Mini keyboard with touchpad and the same time, a mouse remote control.
Without further ado, let’s check it in detail.


Transmit Range: 10M

Supported System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/IOS/Android/Linux

Operation Voltage: 3V AAA x 2

Material: ABS

Color: Black

Dimension: 155 x 98 x 20 mm

Weight: 100g


MantisTek MK1 is a wireless HTPC keyboard which not only will allow you to relax by controlling the TV box, but also help you to work. If it’s connected to the internet, you can use it as a Mini keyboard and mouse. It has an easy install. You just need to plug the USB receiver in your device and then turn on the keyboard, with no driver needed.


With ultra-thin and shortcut key design, it can be equal to swift switch between multiple devices. And the small and exquisite size makes it easy for hold and carry. With a responsive keyboard and a good feel, this device is compatible for Windows and Mac OS computers, home theater PC users, IPTV, Internet TV, Google TV, Android TV box, PS3 and Xbox 360.


In general, MantisTek MK1 is an inexpensive, reliable and neat gadget, overall, a good option to control your HTPC setup. In addition, it’s presold at a heavy discount on Banggood. The top 100 subscribers can enjoy the bottom price of US $9.9. Subscribers during No. 100 and No. 500 can enjoy the price of US $11.39. And the subscribers behind No. 500 enjoy the price of US $13.99. Of course, these are prices of presell. After the deadline of presell is May 30th. Then, the price will be back to normal, US $14.99. So the best time to get this device is just right now!!!


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