Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC

New Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC For Work And Entertainment

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When wandering on the market, I find a new famous brand mini PC, called Cenovo dual OS mini PC. This mini PC is compact and super advanced, having applied many high technologies to ensure better performance for work and entertainment.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC

If you are curious about this advanced mini PC, you can read the following for more details.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-1

This mini PC is mini, exquisite and fantastic. It is 116mm in length, 116mm in width and 17mm in height, only weighing 190g, displaying irresistible delicate charm.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-2

This Cenovo dual OS mini PC has different types of interfaces to comprehensively satisfy different requirements.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-3

This mini PC carries Intel quad-core high-speed CPU, ATOM 3735 22NM and up to 2.4GHZ maximum master frequency.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-4

This mini PC features DDR3L RAM and EMMC storage. 2GB high speed DDR3L RAM and up to 12.6GB/S data throughout greatly improve the boot time of the system. 32GB EMMC storage has a practically measured reading speed of 180M/S and writing speed of 17M/S. Both software running and game storage get qualitative improvement and complete fluency. It only needs 10s for starting.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-5

This mini PC is the best choice for offices, hotels and enterprises. Multiple browsers can be opened at the same time without blocking.

Cenovo Dual OS Mini PC-6

Except for work, this mini PC is also great for entertainment. It is compatible with TV, projector, printer, and other devices. You can have a great fun of watching TVs and movies with this mini PC.

In a word, no matter it is for work or entertainment, this new Cenovo dual OS mini PC is a good equipment for you to have. Purchasing it for your home or office, you will definitely feel no regret.

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