Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC

New Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC Is Coming For You

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Here is a great news for geeks. Tronsmart has released new combo PC, named Tronsmart BJ19 mini PC. This mini PC is stylish, advanced and practical for use. It attracts many people’ s attention even before it is released. To know more about this mini PC, you can read the following.

Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC

This mini PC comes with power adapter, HDD bracket, screws for bottom housing and HDD, as well as manual for guidance. All the needed accessories are packed for you to make full use of this mini PC.

Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC-1

Tronsmart offers the acrylic panel on the top and uses the touch button to power on and off. Because of the whole structure of body and spray technology, this BJ19 is easy to hold.

Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC-2

This Tronsmart BJ19 mini PC has various interfaces for difference uses, such as DC-IN, DP, HDMI, ethernet, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, headset and mic-in.

Tronsmart BJ19 Mini PC-3

Tronsmart BJ19 is powered by Intel Bay Trail M/D J1900, quad-cores, the CPU frequency up to 2.4Ghz. Based on 22nm and Soc BGA technology, it enlarges the body room and adds the heat dissipation fans. This BJ19 is a great winner of speed and heat control.

It is obvious from the above that this Tronsmart BJ19 mini PC is really stylish, advanced and practical for use. For geeks, this mini PC is the one that should not be missed.

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