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Non-toxic 72 Color Art Drawing Pencils For Sketching

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Are you fond of sketching? If yes, here are are some non-toxic colorful drawing pencils for you, named 72 color art drawing pencils. Those pencils has various colors, popularly welcomed by designers, artists, painters and so on. If you are curious about those pencils and desiring to know more about them, you can continue reading, and the following will introduce them to you clearly.

72 Color Art Drawing Pencils

Those pencils are made of environmental material wood, which is harmless to your health. The pencil is 174.5mm in length. There are 72pcs pencils in one box, and there are 72 colors totally, which means that there is no same color.

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Those 72 color art drawing pencils are colorful and attractive. Extra-smooth lines in rough drafts, sketches and pencil illustrations are provided. The print effect is clear, uniform in color, not easy to fade. Those pencils are often used for writing, drawing and sketching on paper.

72 Color Art Drawing Pencils-2

The drawing pencil outline fits comfortably into your hand for a smooth writing experience. The strong tip prevents breaking, ensuring a longer life for your pencil. Those pencils are reasonable in price and can be used as writing pencils for general purpose.

In short, if you are fond of drawing, sketching, writing or painting, those non-toxic 72 color art drawing pencils are undoubtedly the best for you to have.

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